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I have this sump I don t need anymore. $25 obo Located 19114, willing to meet nearby
Need gone I have had this tank for a while just sitting. Need to re-plumb the overflow. I made 2 extra reinforces on top. $50 obo Located 19114 PICK UP ONLY need 2-3 people to move it 48 x 30 x 18
Hi All, I need to sell my setup. It's literally 3 month's old or less. I bought live rock etc from a fully set up reef and I bypassed all the new Tank problems, so you can too. I'm hoping to unload it in one shot but might be willing to part...
Aoi- $10 (single polyp) x3 pink diamond- $25 (two polyps) x1 Unknown- $10 (single polyp) x1 Anthelia- $5 x1 I am located in 19114, willing to meet nearby or at RAP NY saturday.
Hello- I have some zoa and Anthelia for sale. Pickup in 19114 or meet nearby 1. Pink Diamond-$30 2. AOI- $10 (not opened up) 3. AOI-$10 4. AOI- $10 Two frags of anthelia $10 a frag (Grows really fast) I can get better pictures if requested
Anyone selling Hanna Cal or Alk checker. I would be interested, pm me.
Hello- anyone in the philadelphia/NJ area selling a Hanna Cal Checker? If so Pm me! -ThatPhillyReefer
No leaks or cracks. Comes with 40 to 45 gal tank, canopy, canopy cover, glass lids and stand that has glass front with shelving. Pic 2, 3, 4 and 5 are pics of tank filled with towel floating on top.
I ve had this baby Ricordia that detached from the main colony and I am willing to trade it. I know it s nothing very designer or expensive but I want to trade it. Open for anything Located PA, Philadelphia Willing to meet up as well
over a month agoPhiladelphia, PA+16 milesPet FishOfferedReport Listing
I have some zoa id like to trade for preferably other zoa, euphyllia, and sps. Located in the Philadelphia Area, willing to drive to meet. Here s what I have: Pink Diamond Super Siayan Orange Oxides WWC Pinwheels WWC Halle Berry Purple Hearts...
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